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    But What If I Told You There Was A Simple Way Out?

    Guys, you've probably seen and heard a lot of bullshit. You've probably watched a lot of crappy vids on YouTube, along with some good info. You've probably spent a lot of your hard earned cash on information products with pages similar to this one, promising the earth, and went yoou finally bit the bullet and got the info, nothing really changed?

    Because the industry is full of bullshit, right?


    100% of it is BS, right?


    Or Is It You That's Really The Problem?

    (At this point, my marketing guy was like: "You want to tell them pages like yours a full of fake products, then you want to tell them that that's not true, then you want to tell them that something's wrong with them?? That's NOT how it works!!! They're not gonna buy from you!"

    But he didn't reckon that I don't give a damn about selling to you guys, or the standard marketing rules - I'm here to give it to you straight, to be cruel to be kind.

    Guys, let me give you an alternate take on things, something a little more in-line with reality. Do you really think that all the content you've consumed, the hundred of hours of videos, the thousands of pages of books and e-books (yes, thousands - three 500 page books and you're in the thousands of pages!) and the countless health, fitness and relationship home-study courses (or live seminars) you fed into your brain are all really 100% BS? Really, none of it is worth anything?

    Is that way you didn't get your change? Or is it something inherent in you that's holding you back?

    Yes. There's a ton of BS and fraudulent claims out there. But also a lot of good information that's worth your time and cash.

    Worse than the fake stuff, is the reality that you've probably seen and heard a lot of legitimate stuff from gurus in the self-help industry, but you never acted on it! Which is really sad, because you paid the $$$, but you never took the benefit for yourself.

    Why? What's going on? Because let's face it...

    You Know Deep Down That Something Is Wrong!

    Look, do one thing for me. Read the bullet-point list below, and if you see yourself reflected in the list, then just consider that I know you, I know your problem, and I know how to help.

    Now tell me if this is scarily accurate or not:

    • You're unhappy with your life AS A MAN.
    • You've taken steps in the past to correct this (self-help products, etc.).
    • You feel like you're not as masculine as you could be.
    • You were a high-school loser, never made it with the ladies... (It's not about the way you walk!!!)
    • You have a history, however mild or serious, of social anxiety and/or depression.
    • You've always been smart, but it doesn't seem to translate to REAL WORLD RESULTS!
    • You've always had a strong involvement with Computers/IT/Internet/Gaming!
    • You have numerous projects that were started with great intentions, but now lie abandoned.
    • Most or all of these projects were, at heart, attempts to improve your attractiveness to women.
    • You've considered the possibility that only will-power can see you through, and you don't have any.
    • You're in love with comfort, the warm apartment, the sofa and the Internet.
    • You've suffered a lot of emotional pain due to your life and the way it's gone.
    • You still believe there's a missing piece out there that might just bring it all together.
    • You've come a long way, and done a lot of work on yourself, but the big stuff (money, women, freedom) eludes you.
    • You feel sure that if you could put the time and effort required into your projects that you could really turn things around.
    • You're alternative, seek alternative diets, health plans, anti-mainstream dating advice and methods, believing that "if it's not for the masses, then it may be for me".
    • You're in love with the novelty of a new philosophy, outlook, fitness plan, seduction method etc., but after the material is consumed and you get your buzz, you never really act on it.
    • You feel like you're trapped in a cycle.
    • You've eliminated typical "nice guy" behaviour, but you're just not comfortable with becoming an out-and-out A-hole!
    • Memories of public rejection by girls or girls going with other guys in front of you still hurt to this day.
    • You're mentally "past" or "over" seduction material, yet you've never even started with it in the real world.
    • You've considered low testosterone as a possible cause for all the above, and may have taken steps (supplements, diet) to raise your "T".
    • You've had enough of the loop/cycle, and you're only interested in the big "missing piece" right now.
    • You no longer care if something's mainstream or not, moral or immoral, you've just had enough and you need these areas of your life handled.
    • You have had in the past, and likely still do, sexual performance issues that you couldn't account for, as you are/were young, healthy, and supposedly virile, and the girl/boy was very hot to boot.
    • You suffer from Premature Ejaculation or Delayed Ejaculation, or some other type of Erectile Dysfunction - again, for no obvious reasons given your age & health.
    • You secretly self-identify as a loser, and suspect that you'll be one for life, as you lost the hard-coded genetic lottery and that's "all that really matters when it boils down it it".

    Chances  Are, You're Reeling A Little Right Now!


    Because I'm betting you recognized a lot of yourself in the long list above, and it made for some (very) uncomfortable reading!

    "Pffhh," I hear you mutter. "That list is a generic loser list, long enough to cover most people with some sort of self-esteem issues. I'm not buying into that."

    Hey, you're probably right. You're a smart guy, right?

    After all, it's all BS right?

    100%, right?


    I bet you'd tell me, in much less polite language, to go pull the other one, right?

    Well, you'd be sadly and regrettably wrong.

    Sadly, The Above Traits Are No Longer A Blueprint For The Ultimate Loser: Today, They're The Common Traits Of The Majority Of Men!

    Mad... Boys?

    When TV Show Mad Men premiered on AMC on July 19th, 2007, it was an immediate hit. But it wasn't just that it was a gripping, well written show; people fell in love with the character of Don Draper, played by actor John Hamm. Women wanted him, and most importantly, men wanted to be him.

    The character reminded us of what it was like to be a stylish, productive, desirable man again. And while the character had his flaws, as this is expected in good writing, it embodied a desire present in men for some time, a nostalgic desire to go back to a time when we were real men - not chauvinistic, plastic men in suits, but men who embodied real masculinity.

    The bottom line is: You can dress like Don, and act like Don, but it won't last, and it won't solve your problems. Why? Because it's just an act, and you're MISSING A CORE INNER COMPONENT WITHOUT WHICH YOU WON'T REALLY GET ANYWHERE!

    • Q.Hey, I hear you. But I can just raise my testosterone, right? That should solve these issues, and get me some muscle, and some women to boot!


      Absolutely right! Good plan. Go for it, man.

    • Q.Uh... okay. What, what? Aren't you trying to sell me a solution?

      A.Well, yes and no. First and foremost I’m trying to highlight your problem. Sure, hit the gym, eat the diet, take the supplements, and you’ll probably raise you T and get lots of great results.

    • Q.So, what's the problem?

      A.Well, you tell me, dude.

      Because let’s face it, if you were going to successfully do that, YOU’D HAVE DONE THAT ALREADY!

    • Q.But the way I see it is, I can hit the gym, raise the T, switch jobs for a better salary and easier life, study seduction methods to get women, increase my passive income and therefore my freedom... etcetera.

      A.Again, I fully support this.

      But because of the missing element, you won’t do the huge amount of strategic work that’s necessary to get through all those stages – and it’s getting through the stages and doing the work that makes men truly satisfied and happy!

    • Q.So what's this "missing element"???

      A.I’ve created a 70+ page report to answer exactly that question, plus every other question you might have.

      I’ve called it The Restraint Code, and it’s the missing link in your life and all your endeavors so far!

    • Q.Ha, let me guess, you want me to buy it right? Why don't you just give it away for free, Mr Wolfe? If you are the big altruist that you claim to be?

      A.That’s easy buddy.


      In fact, I’ve addressed this below.

    So What Is "The Restraint Code" - And Why Are You Selling It If You Want To Help Men?

    • Productivity

      You can’t do everything you need to improve, because of your comfort addiction and your lack of follow-through. You need to cut through all that!

    • Dating & Sex

      You need to embody the base masculine trait before you’ll ever attract any women through anything other than random chance – this trait is Drive To Accomplish!

    • Money

      Money sounds like a great problem solver – and it is. But the problem is the same as your other solutions, or rather, your unconscious attempts to become more masculine. And that problem is that you’re lacking the drive, focus and power necessary to start that business, engage that financial plan, do that bit on the side, or hit that stock market.

    • Game

      I’m not talking about ‘PUA’ ‘game’ here – I’m talking about the way men are supposed to live their lives, playing the game of life. Video games are modeled on this process – overcome the obstacle, get the power-up, and ascend to the next level. And by the end of the game, you’re a God! This is how you’re supposed to progress through life – and it’s this process of accomplishing goals and gaining rewards and experience that makes men SATISFIED AND CONTENT – BUT THIS ISN’T HAPPENING ANYMORE!

    • Fire

      You need to push the button on your self development! You need a Bootstrap program – the thing every computer uses to kick in and get going! You need a lit fuse, the primer that explodes and fires the round from the cartridge! An adrenaline shot for your masculine drive, the same as what a starter motor does for a car’s engine – gets it going because IT CAN’T START TURNING OVER AND PRODUCING POWER BY ITSELF!

    "The Restraint Code" is a 70+ page report, or rather, a brief, concise manual, that outlines a SIMPLE, NATURAL AND 100% EFFECTIVE PRIMAL SECRET PRACTICE THAT 99% OF MEN ARE NOT USING TODAY.

    It is THE ultimate secret that all of history's most accomplished men used to fuel their accomplishments, and without which all your plans will end up abandoned and gathering dust while you sit in comfort drenching your senses LIKE A WOMAN.

    This manual, The Restraint Code, has already benefited hundreds of my private students.

    It didn't have a name then, or a manual, I just told the guys what to do, they gave me funny looks, promised that they'd try it for at least two weeks, and then at the end of those two weeks, I'd inevitably get the email or the phone call with them telling me they were cautiously excited because they had noticed a number of changes that they didn't put any effort into getting, in fact these changes seemed to happen by themselves!

    The reason they were cautious was, the changes were subtle at first, weren't things they put any effort into, and so of course they believed it "might be placebo" - needless to say, it wasn't and the changes continued whether they believed in the practice or not!

    So why not just give this manual away? Well, guys, I'd love to - but it simply wouldn't work. And here's why.

    This practice is not...

    • Stylish

      Guys, this isn’t the kind of mental masturbation super-vitamin-stack-hypnotic-mind-power-combo used by the CIA that is usually marketed to teenage guys and virgin geeks – it’s real, and therefore it’s distinctly un-stylish, it not something really talked about in polite society, you don’t really announce you’re doing this at the important Fundraiser society dinner. Society isn’t ready. This is for the smart guys who wanna get in on the ground floor. It’s not stylish, but it’s 100% effective.

    • Easy

      The Restraint Code is not easy.

      It’s simple, but it’s not easy.

      The benefits, gains and increases that come from it do come effortlessly, but the practice itself , getting the momentum going; not easy bruh.

      Hey, as stated above, I’m here to give you the hard truth and let you know what you’re in for. I’m not gonna blow sunshine up your ass – this isn’t something you need to work at exactly, just something you need to implement into your behavior and keep it that way! But only the smart man is going to have the experience first, and then make up his mind!

    • Believable - at first!

      We’re in a weird position in society at the moment. Recent decades have eroded masculinity in never-before-seen ways, usually due to the advances in technology and the way we live our lives.

      Now, imagine that there was no previous bodybuilding culture in society at all. Let’s say that all men were soft, doughy and round, all men, without exception. (Yeah, I hear ya: we’re not far off!)

      Next, some guy comes out with a course that states: “Lift these heavy things in this particular order for this particular length of time, and you’re body will LITERALLY CHANGE SHAPE to one that’s RIPPLING WITH MUSCLE!!”

      What would round, soft, doughy you say in this societal scenario?

      “Maaan, that’s some BULLLLLSH- I mean, change shape?? Grow muscle? That’s like, magic, dude!”

      Men, we’re in exactly this scenario right now! You, above, in this fat-land scenario, would have to HAVE FAITH long enough, about six weeks, to see proof in the form of any real changes.

      Only then would you know, THIS STUFF WORKS!

      Can you dig it? I’m sure that form the above example, you can see exactly where I’m coming from.

    That's Why You Need To Make The Financial Commitment And Purchase The Restraint Code: You Need Some Personal Investment To Motivate You To Have Faith And Stick With It Despite The Points Listed Above.

    One last things, ladies - before I ask you to TAKE THE FIRST STEP ON A NEW PATH OF MASCULINE LIVING - please consider that...

    You May Not Be Cut Out For The Restraint Code.

    I'm not gonna sugar-coat it, buddy - you may not have the inner mettle, non-mainstream thinking, or self-belief to give this a go. EVEN with the 60-day money back guarantee, there are some men who will just read this article for entertainment value, and then say, "Yeah, it's only seventeen bucks, but I could just as easily spend that on lattés or something new in the Steam sale, without the risk."

    Guys, it's okay to have these thoughts before clicking that button on a new life, but if you're the guy to gives in to this kind of feminine thinking, then paradoxically, you are not right for "The Code", and simultaneously you are the man most in need of it!

    Stay away from The Restraint Code if...

    • Deep down, you're scared that change will actually occur!
    • You don't want to deal with new female attention!
    • You're worried you might piss of females in your life who are happy to keep you as the comfortable, fluffy, non-threatening friend.
    • Same as above, only swap males for females - yes, lots of your guy friends just don't want the competition, or you besting them when previously, THEY GOT ALL THE SPOILS!
    • Are worried about losing your advances or status in unreal gaming universes like League Of Legends, WoW, etc.
    • Don't want to have to rearrange your living environment to accommodate a hot woman who's moved in.
    • You want change to be a product of hard, strenuous work, and not be improved almost effortlessly from the inside out.
    • You want to stay a plump, cute, Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear non-threatening emotional tampon male, instead of a REAL MAN.
    • You'd prefer sh*t not to get done.

    That's it, guys. Thanks for reading this article, and if I'm right, you're probably ready to take the next step and make that purchase. Guys, I've cut the price pretty much in half, and I choose CLICKBANK to handle the payments for my stuff, because they're 100% SECURE FOR YOU, the customer, and REFUND is instant and without hassle - though in a week or two, chances are you'll want to BUY TRC AGAIN, just to thank me! (And probably to help a friend who may not be able to part with the seventeen bucks. Hey, one of the consequences of our current problem is lack on finances.

    But The Restraint Code can take care of all that!

    Not bad for a fully-guaranteed nineteen bucks!

    So what are you waiting for, buddy...


    But what if this is not for me?

    What if I get the manual and I decide, “This is just too much for me to handle – I’m gonna stick to World Of Warcraft and donuts for the time being!”

    Okay, so to be serious, what if this just doesn’t seem to be for you, maybe your life and The Code are bound on separate paths, or maybe you feel that the time isn’t right, and you’ll come back another day – cool! If inside 60 days, FOR ANY REASON, you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your money, straight back to your account, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

    Your price for this life-changing missing-piece philosophy?

    Risk Free Acceptance Form: Your Order is 100% Safe & Secure

    Yes, I want to be on the path to being a man - please let me purchase and then immediately download The Restraint Code in PDF format, so I can finally see the MISSING PIECE OF THE PUZZLE I'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR.

    I Need This Change!

    Any questions, problems, issues, feel free to drop me a line at:


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